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I started responding to Randy's post about Email Etiquette (see his post here) and found I had enough to say to warrant a post of my own.


Real Estate Email Junk Email Spam

There is a little "boy who cried wolf" mentality going on in my inbox these days.

I receive daily (sometimes twice a day) emails from agents about their fabulous, unbelievable new listing or their great price reduction or why their property is the best in the neighborhood.

I see so many that very few actually catch my attention anymore.  When I used to get only a few a day, I would look at them.  Every now and then I'd see one that really was a fabulous price!  Most often I find those emails to be an agent letting me know they are selling an overpriced dog!

It used to be I only received emails relevant to my buyer clients when the reverse prospecting system on my MLS would let the listing agents know I have a buyer with criteria that matches their listing. 

Now I get emails about beach front property (wish I had a beach front buyer) or condominiums that are a hop skip and jump from Manhattan (definitately not an area I service).

My inbox is crowded with irrelevant information and unfortunately the one email that could be impactful to me is lost in the shuffle.

I check my hotsheet throughout the day.  I know about ALL the new activity in my town.  I do not need to receive redundant information.

What do I want to receive?

Updates on properties I've shown or previewed!  This is critical.  That would include price changes, promotional changes (bonuses) or even seller's motivation.  Also, sometimes there are nuances to our listings that we can't depict on the MLS.  I wouldn't mind getting an email alert about this as well.

What can YOU do about it?  Be more diligent about only emailing information that is relevant to the receiver!  STOP SPAMMING!  That is what it is when you send mass emails to people who have little interest in what you are saying.

I am NOT trying to limit the electronic communication between agents.  In fact, I encourage and welcome it!  I just want us to act responsibly when choosing who to send our information to!  Same way I feel bloggers should exercise good judgment when choosing where to submit their blogs.  It makes the most sense to put your post in the correct channel or group so that it is exposed to the largest amount of "interested" readers!




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Comment balloon 42 commentsGail Szeluga & JoAnna Siminerio • November 29 2008 01:50PM


Hallelejuh!  You said it!  Why do I want to know about creekfront properties in the styx of some state I can't even place on a map??

Posted by Lisa Friedman, Central New Jersey Real Estate (Alliance Realtors) about 10 years ago

I know what you mean.  Agents please don't send me emails about your listings that are 30 miles away.  I don't work those areas.  Builders please don't send me emails about luncheons that are 20 miles away, I won't be attending them.

Posted by Angelia Garcia (Pure Realtors) about 10 years ago

I keep receiving these emails from Florida, Arizona and California.  Rarely are they ever from my own locale.

You're right - as agents, we know what is available in the MLS.  We don't need these spam emails.
I don't necessary mind them emailing me about a broker's open house, but when they do that, they typically attach a 2 MB file, so it just gets deleted unread!

Posted by Don Fabrizio-Garcia, Owner/Broker/Trainer - Fab Real Estate (Fab Real Estate) about 10 years ago

P.S.  I agree that those price reduction emails embarrass the agent by showing that they overpriced the house to begin with.  I saw one recently that said "150k Price Reduction!!!".  The house was only like 550k.  Now I can see a 150k price reduction on something in a much higher price range, but a 150k reduction from 700k to 550k shows that the property was grossly, severely overpriced!!  If I had made a blunder that bad, I would never advertise it to the world!

Posted by Lisa Friedman, Central New Jersey Real Estate (Alliance Realtors) about 10 years ago

JoAnna - I have also noticed a huge number of emails from Auction Companies that are located all over the coutry, I really don't look at any of them they are just deleted.

Posted by Karen Nusbaum (Coldwell Banker Brenizer Realtors) about 10 years ago

oh yea, I keep getting listing info on property 100's of miles away, the trash keeps on coming. I wouldn't mind the local stuff too much but most of what I receive is of no use to me or my clients.


Posted by Crystal Ledbetter (Texas Home Group) about 10 years ago

I have seen more of this lately. Some are done well using some nice formats. I do look at them if done well and I like the agent. Others just unsubscribe. Its the nature of the internet at this time. Next year it will change.

Posted by Eric Bouler, Listening to your Needs ( Gardner Realtors, Licensed in La.) about 10 years ago

JoAnna~ I know what you mean.  What I can't understand is why a agent in activerain would not respond to a email that is sent  to them.  I don't know about you, but I answer my phone and my emails.  There really isn't an excuse not to at least respond .......... unless of course because of all of the other emails they miss out on some they should be responding too.......... Vickie McCartney

Posted by Vickie McCartney, Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY (Maverick Realty) about 10 years ago

Actually, a sign of the times is all the inventory updates I receive from builders. I'll get 4-5 from the same builder but different reps ... most of which I've never met. Builder reps used to send them once a month. Now I get numerous ones per week.

Posted by Elaine Reese, REALTORĀ® in central Ohio (Real Living HER, Powell Ohio) about 10 years ago

You said it well. I keep getting info on California properties when I am here in Florida!

Posted by Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty, Fifteen Years Experience in Brevard County (Bucci Realty, Inc.) about 10 years ago

JoAnna- Seems that Don and I are on the same junk listing flyer list.  Yesterday I wrote about receiving these flyers from across the country.  Florida, Arizona and California were also among the locations from which I continually get spammed.

Posted by Marilyn Katz, ABR, e-PRO - (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties) about 10 years ago

I don't want my point to get missed that I do receive good, relevant emails every day and I like that!

It is the problem that many of these good, relevant, timely emails don't get the attention they should because they are mixed in with the very irrelevant ones!

Posted by Gail Szeluga & JoAnna Siminerio, Fostering Community Spirit Through Real Estate (Weichert Realtors - Manalapan - Marlboro) about 10 years ago

JoAnna - you are so right and quite frankly I am unsubscribing to a lot of them which have absolutely no relevance to the area that I work in.

Posted by Sharon Paxson, Newport Beach Real Estate (Compass) about 10 years ago

I agree it is impolite to spam agents with listings. It serves no purpose.

Posted by Shane OnullGorman, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell (Eau Claire Realty, Inc.) about 10 years ago

I think we all dislike spam and find it irritating to have to weed through pages of it to find the select few that we really do need.  While I'm not a huge fan of mass emailing in general, I think it can be effective if done correctly.  The bottom line, as long is there is an unsubscribe, the message is short and sweet and I can read it at my leisure, I don't really have an issue with it.  If I think there's a one in 10,000 chance it will bring a buyer for my listing, you can be darn sure I'll be the sender.

Posted by Kelly Kilpatrick, Broker-Associate about 10 years ago

What surprises me is that some agents actually include their spamming programs mass marketing to agents in their listing presentations!  They tell the client how successful they have been by doing this!  (Like sending emails to 30,000 agents in 15 counties in 3 states will find them the best buyers!)


Posted by Vicki Lloyd, (619)452-9798, Real Estate San Diego California (The Lloyd Realty Group) about 10 years ago

I've learned to let some of it roll off my back..I'm more of upset about the duplicate or triplicate of the same email..I know spam is inevitable..and I hate going through it but I have found valuable leads..information and friends there. 

I hate when I email address gets passed around on jokes..please use the bc button.

I get irritated when I unsubscribe to only recieve yet another email.

In my neck of the woods I feel email is not used enough...I'd be rather pleased if the agents in our area would just mean they are using it more!


Posted by Midori Miller, Online Marketing For Real Estate Professionals (Talk 2 Midori, LLC) about 10 years ago

I'm with you Kelly!!  Given a chance to expose my listing to the buyer, I'll be the sender also!  But I think the odds of an agent in Oshkosh, Oklahoma selling my condo in East Brunswick  (Free plug, I'm such a whore!) is so remote that it would be inappropriate for me to email him information.

Posted by Gail Szeluga & JoAnna Siminerio, Fostering Community Spirit Through Real Estate (Weichert Realtors - Manalapan - Marlboro) about 10 years ago

I can agree but also with the reverse marketing and a lot of the mls add on, it is making it ridiculous to spam. I think a lot of agent just misuse it.

Posted by Charles Stallions, 800-309-3414 - Pensacola, Pace or Gulf Breeze, Fl. (Charles Stallions Real Estate Services ) about 10 years ago

Hi Midori- the agents in Florida are using e-mail.  They're just sending their listing flyers to Connecticut ;-)

Posted by Marilyn Katz, ABR, e-PRO - (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties) about 10 years ago

Sometimes they fill my inbox I check the mls so if it is not exceptional please don't bother...  Thanks for sharing

Posted by Diane Daley (Caron's Gateway Real Estate) about 10 years ago

Hi JoAnna,  I understood that many of these embarrassing marketing gimmicks are taught in some of the " How to... " seminars.  What a waste of time, money and reputation.

Posted by Bill Gillhespy, Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos (16 Sunview Blvd) about 10 years ago

Then add to all these e-mails from the agents. the other "spam" e-mails about getting your website placed on who-know-where, it requires a lot of time and patience to weed through all that and not miss the important e-mails. ~Rita

Posted by Brian Burke, Broker & Advising Expert-Denver Luxury Real Estate (Kenna Real Estate) about 10 years ago

     When I email a listing via mass email, I actually look up the neighborhood on MLS and research the agents that have sold homes in it. Those are the only agents I'll mail to. If they have had involvement in the area in the past, they'll get an email from me. I don't just mass email to random agents just anywhere!  When I have a land listing, I only mass email to agents that have dealt with selling get the drift. Great blog Jo!

     In the defense of some agents, they will send you a listing, not because you may have a client, but because they want to get the info out there and you may know someone to refer it to. Just a thought.


Posted by Tony Orefice, Realtor/Harrisburg NC,Concord NC (Wilkinson ERA/ about 10 years ago

You said it, like other I get listing that are out of my state, not to say anything about small states but I'm from CA and its a pretty long drive from San Francisco to LA, lets not talk about Utah.  I know its good to get things out there and maybe you get a bite but please i think anything past 200 miles is a little much. 

Posted by David Wang, Prudential | 650.504.8190 (Prudential California Realty) about 10 years ago

I'm with you. I sometimes feel like I need an email address for all the junk mail I get from agents. If I get one more overpriced/ ludicrous email... "Mobile home next to transfer station with no roof or windows, just reduced to 2.4million"

Posted by Josh Holt, Southern Maine and NH Real Estate - Your Source of Info on the Berwicks (RE/MAX Coast To Coast~ Dedicated to You!) about 10 years ago

LOL Joshua!!!  That's what I'm talking about!!  There are certain listings you shouldn't be bragging about!!

Posted by Gail Szeluga & JoAnna Siminerio, Fostering Community Spirit Through Real Estate (Weichert Realtors - Manalapan - Marlboro) about 10 years ago

Marilyn-LOL..How about from Daytona Beach??????  I know agents who only check their email once a week! :)

Posted by Midori Miller, Online Marketing For Real Estate Professionals (Talk 2 Midori, LLC) about 10 years ago

JO,  I think agents buy lists and send them to the whole country. I consistently get e-mails about property in Florida. You can un-subscribe at the bottom of them. I'm hoping that will cut down on the ones I care nothing about!!

Posted by Gail Szeluga, Manalapan, Marlboro & Monmouth County (Weichert Realtors-Marlboro, Manalapan) about 10 years ago

I don't like the out of area blasts, but I do not mind an agent emailing me about ANY property in my area that is new or price reduction or whatever. If you're not interested, just press delete! Many agents never look at the hot sheet, and this is a way to get your property noticed.

Posted by Erica Ramus, MRE, Schuylkill County PA Real Estate (Erica Ramus - Ramus Realty Group - Pottsville, PA ) about 10 years ago

Midori-  I'll tell you what- If I get any from Daytona Beach, I'll forward them to you.

Posted by Marilyn Katz, ABR, e-PRO - (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties) about 10 years ago

Right on - SPAM is the perfect word --- I could see not showing a property because of the spam factor. As if spam ever sold a product. The odds are like one in a million.

Posted by Stephen Kappre, Helping You Home (KW Hometown) about 10 years ago

These days with the Marketing flyer companies out there, agents are paying for this service to be sent to all agents.. This can be good and bad.. I see your point about looking at the hot sheets... some times it is good to get these updates.. and yes... some times it can be frustrating too

Posted by Roland Woodworth, Q Realty - Power In Real Estate (Q Realty) about 10 years ago

Make no mistake about it.  There is a place for email marketing.  I'm checking out a few marketing flyer companies right now to set up an email marketing program.  Drip marketing, as well as agent interaction is great.  So long as it is used properly.  Then everyone is happy!

Posted by Gail Szeluga & JoAnna Siminerio, Fostering Community Spirit Through Real Estate (Weichert Realtors - Manalapan - Marlboro) about 10 years ago

JoAnna, Funny that you mentioned it as I just recently started receiving e-mails about listings on the east side of town which I do not service, and I must say it is a little irritating.  Thank goodnes for the delete key!

Posted by Barb Szabo, CRS, E-pro Realtor, Cleveland Ohio Homes (RE/MAX Trinity Brecksville Ohio) about 10 years ago

I like the term SPAM.  Since our mls has reverse prospect, I get all kinds of property emails.  I am diligent to set up auto alerts for buyers so I have already received an auto alert before the agent spams me again.  When I open my inbox I spend the first few minutes deleting 90% so I can relax and read the others.  I probably miss that one that has the type of relevant stuff you describe. 

Posted by Ann Dail, Broker/Realtor,CRS, ePRO, SRS, B.A.Chem (Baton Rouge Area Homes, Louisiana, USA, 225-761-0551) about 10 years ago

I agree!  I block every type of e flyer sender that I can.  No more SPAM please!

Posted by Jean Groesbeck, Broker, CRS, e-PRO, ABR, ASP, CNE, IMS (Coldwell Banker Bain) about 10 years ago

Hi JoAnna,  Good point--I agree.  I like it when agents put the city and the price in the subject heading of the email.  Cheers, Harley

Posted by Harley Ramsey, Chatsworth, CA Real Estate (Keller Williams) about 10 years ago

You are so right. I too check the hot sheet daily first thing in the morning. I know what is happening in my area -and get tired of the many email flyers especially from way out of my area. I have unsubscribed to something, but about once a month they seem to show up again...  

Posted by Valerie Spaulding, Allyn-Belfair-Hood Canal-Local Expertise! (Windermere Peninsula Properties~Allyn~Belfair~WA) about 10 years ago

Good morning Joanna, I know how frustrating it can be when you get so much spam. If I want spam, I know where to buy it, there are several cans on the grocery store shelf...

~~ Michael

Posted by TeamCHI - Complete Home Inspections, Inc., Home Inspectons - Nashville, TN area - 615.661.029 (Complete Home Inspections, Inc.) about 10 years ago

Very well said.  Also a great reminder to always follow up with the people that have previously shown your listings with any new updates - you never know what could have changed on their side.

Posted by David Henke, Realtor, Homes Just West of Philadelphia PA (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc) about 10 years ago

I also like to receive follow up emails for those listings I show...  Then I can call my client if I haven't seen it in the hot sheets.  Good reminder and post not to spam!

Posted by Judy Greenberg, Coldwell Banker - Buffalo Grove - Long Grove Homes (Coldwell Banker Long Grove) about 10 years ago